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What is private medical insurance?

Private health insurance. Private medical insurance is available for individuals and families, it's an insurance policy that will pay for covered medical expenses incurred from private treatment. With health insurance you get premium health service, you do not get stuck in months-long waiting lists and in some cases you'll get access to new, expensive treatments and drugs that aren't available on the budget-strained standard care. Private health cover is an annual insurance policy, which can be paid in installments. This insurance typically does not cover dental work, optical work, pre-existing conditions (with some exceptions), nor medical expenses incurred abroad.

More choice and higher flexibility. A private insurance policy ensures you get the opportunity to choose between hospitals, consultants and specialists. Besides eliminating waiting lists, private insurance also offers more flexibility to be treated at a time that's convenient to you, including evening and weekend slots.

Extra comfort. Medical insurance also offers a greater level of comfort. NHS hospitals will offer basic beds in rooms you may need to share with many people, while private treatment may include a hotel-like experience with more luxurious, quiet private rooms and a more varied, a la carte menu. Apply now for a free health insurance quote and discover how affordable it can be.

You insure your car and your home, why not your health? - apply now to receive the medical cover you need.

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